We brew pure and natural, with pure water, barley, yeast and hops. Our barley comes from Zeeland and is produced in the traditional way. This barley is called summer barley malt and is of absolute top quality. Due to the carefully composed raw materials, Princen beer has its own specific natural taste. Our brewing process is very traditional. When we start cooking we add the hops so that we get the finest taste. In addition, it goes without saying that the right temperature is brewed.


Compared to other industrial brewers, Princen brews her beer in a very traditional way. We do not brew high gravity as others often do. Princen uses, among other things, pure natural raw materials, and we do not use additives for shelf life. Princen’s beer is brewed in 30 days, where high gravity brewers take 10 days. This difference in the brewing process is very evident, with Princen beer’s distinctly fresh and refined taste as a result.


Special process

Princen Breweries has achieved this special result by combining the best ingredients and using a special process to coordinate them in the right proportions. That’s how we achieved the perfect balance between water, barley, hops and yeast!

Princen Lager

Dutch water enriched with minerals stimulates the taste buds. The soft aftertaste, which gives Princen Bier its place among the “light” beers, is because of the alcohol content of five percent. It is a category 1 lager with a gravity of 11,6 % Plato.

Dutch origins

Princen stands for a pure and traditionally brewed lager with a generous taste. It is a Dutch product with a taste experience that is almost royal. Lager has always been popular in the Netherlands. We brew both lager and specialty beers.