Princen beer is available in various packaging: barrels of 50 litres, 20 litres and tank beer. Princen is available in many restaurants, cafes, liquor stores, and sports clubs, and distributed through various wholesalers. We advise entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector to contact their local wholesaler. If you would like to know the distribution through which we supply Princen, please contact us at 085 666 11 11 or send us a message via the web form on our website. Every hospitality entrepreneur has come to the right address when it comes to interesting prices, excellent service, quick delivery and of course a tap installation.

Pricing policy

At Princen beer we opted for an affordable and transparent pricing, comparable to a premium beer that is sold in the supermarket. This gives hospitality entrepreneurs the opportunity to achieve a good margin, but also to ensure that the consumer pays an affordable price during a visit to the establishment.

Princen services

Princen beer not only supplies lager, but also glassware in various sizes, beer mats, light boxes, beer tap labels and knobs. For tap materials we can give you tailored advice. We offer the best equipment at the best price and use qualified tapping technicians for installation. You can buy and/or lease from us. In addition, Princen provides tap-instruction workshops to guide your staff in the right way so that they can serve decent lager.


Princen is a very popular beer at events. The flexible delivery, wonderful tap materials and good prices ensure that Princen makes an excellent contribution to your events and pop-up locations! One of our account managers will be happy to visit you and provide information on events and various catering materials.

Princen beer goes for top quality and is brewed exclusively from natural and high quality raw materials, namely water, malt, hops and yeast. The quantities and origin of the raw materials ultimately determine – in the capable hands of our 3 brewers – the taste, the colour, the aroma and the “behaviour” of the beer in the glass. Additions are not done in our world: no chemicals to chemically extend the shelf life and also no sugar, herbs or spices

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