Princen is available in many restaurants, cafes, liquor stores, and sports clubs, and distributed through various wholesalers. We advise entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector to contact their local wholesaler. If you would like to know the distribution through which we supply Princen, please contact us at 085 666 11 11 or send us a message via the web form on our website. Every hospitality entrepreneur has come to the right address when it comes to interesting prices, excellent service, quick delivery and of course a tap installation.

For the hospitality industry

In our advanced brewery located at Halfweg, we brew traditional lager in a modern way specifically for the professional hospitality industry.



By working exclusively with organic and honest raw materials, Princen is an exceptionally sustainable lager.



We love our country, but we think everyone deserves our golden smooth beer. That’s why Princen is also available in cans.

about export

Lager/beer has always been popular in the Netherlands, but there has also been an enormous growth in all kinds of specialty beers in recent years. There are now hundreds of small to very small “specialty” breweries in the Netherlands, this is because brewing “common” beer is actually quite simple. Brewing lager requires a sophisticated specialism and is impossible to make at home. Lager is light, very bright and sensitive to all kinds of infections and air oxidation. The Dutch market is dominated by five large breweries and at 80%, lager is the most popular beer in the Netherlands. Princen Brewery has been a new player on the lager market since 2014. This is quite remarkable because after the Second World War, not a single lager brewery has been added. We are proud to serve our Princen Beer.